Is and Electronic SDS Databases OSHA Compliant?


OSHA requires that several conditions must be met in order to use an electronic database in lieu of paper binders and meets all the requirements.

Below outlines the main parts of the OSHA Hazard Communication Standard. Your company can obviously achieve all or part of each requirement; however, we outline what services SDS Guru will cover along with some other options that you may be interested in helping you with this standard.

The bottom line is that an electronic SDS database makes it easier for your company to comply with OSHA’s directives. It allows you to easily search for a safety data sheet that is indexed in a variety of ways (Product name, manufacturer, CAS Number, Part Number, etc.). SDSs are also linked directly to your chemical inventory database, so a person that needs hazards, proper handling, and emergency response information can easily find it and print an SDS if desired.

Maintaining your SDSs in the Cloud ensures availability online and through mobile devices and easily backed up in the event your local internet and mobile data is unavailable.

Since online SDS databases have been proven to be more accessible and functional, OSHA has come to not only accept but encourage the use of online electronic SDS databases.

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